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Discovering that your home has a bed bug problem isn’t a sign of a lack of cleanliness.

There are many ways that you can acquire the problem in your home, but what’s important is the action that you can take to eliminate an infestation.

By calling us for an inspection and treatment, we find these light brown bugs and treat the problem.
Bed bugs need to feed before every growth cycle, so they will target you once they detect the carbon dioxide that you exhale.

Bed bugs are clever – they will hide in furniture, behind picture frames, and in your box spring and mattress to evade detection.

Combat this nocturnal nuisance by calling us for your FREE estimate!

Once you’ve discovered bed bugs, we can actively treat and remove them for you:

  • Full inspections available
  • Proven methods are used in the affected area
  • While you are away, we go into your home and treat the problem
  • You return to your home with detailed instructions regarding clothing and linens to prevent further infestation

Preventing bed bugs to start with will save you time, hassle, and let you sleep soundly:

  • Inspect hotel mattresses – Check for blood spots or fecal matter on the corners and seams
  • Check and thoroughly launder items purchased at garage sales or consignment stores
  • Look for signs of bed bugs in moving trucks and vans before loading your belongings
  • Schedule a FREE home inspection with us before you move in

Bed bugs cannot withstand heat and high temperatures – be sure that your clothing is washed in hot water.

If your family has a lot of laundry and linens, you can seal items in garbage bags that can be set out in the sun to eliminate any bed bugs.